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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying custom furniture is an investment not only financially, but in time too. We want this process to be an enjoyable experience for you. Here are some of our most common questions.

What types of wood do you have available?


We work with mostly hardwood lumber. Generally, the wood used in our furniture is ash, oak, walnut, and poplar. If there is a specific species of wood you'd like your project built with, let us know and we will get what you need. If you're not sure, that's ok too. We will walk you through the whole process and help you decide what will be best for your project.

Where do you source your wood?

Our lumber is sourced locally throughout Ohio and Michigan through a network of vendors and lumber sellers.

What's so great about reclaimed wood?

Firstly, reclaimed wood has a story. Where did it come from? How old is it? What function did it have in its past life? Sometimes we source wood from a 150-year-old barn and give it new life as a table, bar top or island. Secondly, the way wood was sourced 100 years ago is different than it is today. Trees were older and more mature. The growth of the wood is denser, tighter and stronger. 

Why is traditional joinery so important?

Our furniture is built using methods such as mortise & tenon, tongue & groove and other various methods. These methods have been used for hundreds of years and have stood the test of time. Traditional joinery uses wood on wood connections which are always stronger than a wood and screw connection. It also allows for natural wood movement through seasonal changes.


Often, you find DIY projects online promoting the use of construction grade lumber and what's commonly known as pocket holes or "Kreg" screws.  This type of project is great for entry-level woodworkers and DIYers but not for heirloom quality fine furniture. What often happens is the wood is not dried enough and is too soft to withstand the change in season, and combined the hardware restricting wood movement, you end up with cracking, splitting and warping. Pocket holes also create unpleasing visible holes in your furniture that are difficult to disguise even with wood filler or stain.  This is why it's important to know that with a Woodward Builds custom piece, you're getting the finest in materials and craftsmanship.


There are three criteria we try to follow when designing a piece.

1 - The joint should contribute to strength and integrity of the piece.

2 - The joint should allow for wood movement and ambient seasonal changes.

3 - The joint should contribute and not interfere with the appearance or design of the piece.

Mortise and Tenon Joint

What do you build?


Our focus is on hardwood dining and coffee tables, but also make custom benches, and bars. I'd love to hear about your project ideas. Click on the project inquiry button to get started.



Can I send you a picture of something I like?


Absolutely! In fact, that's a great way to start the design process and allows me to get an idea of your style. It doesn't even need to be a picture of furniture. It can be a picture of any style or design that inspires you.



How long will it take to get my item?


Our lead time is directly related to the current demand. Currently, our lead time is 4-6 weeks for production and delivery. If you have a project that requires a quicker lead time or a specific delivery date we will do our best to meet your needs.



What are my delivery options?


- Pick up. If you have an adequate method of transportation, feel free to pick up your product at our shop just outside of                  Toledo.


- No Hassle Delivery. Our most common delivery method, this option is hassle-free and requires no work on your end! We will      deliver your furniture, carry it inside and assemble it. This cost varies based on your product(s) and location. 


- Shipping. Depending on your location, shipping may be difficult but we can make it happen if it's something you want.                  Costs depend on your location and the size of the order.


How does payment work?

We accept cash, check and credit/debit. We require 25% deposit for any work with balance to be paid upon delivery/pickup.

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